You're the one that I need

I'm the one that you loathe

εïз pяïиεzsupαsтαя αт ℓïvεјоuяиαℓ.сσм
10 August 1988
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I love just who you are, don't even try to change it.
You are a shooting star, that's why you are my favourite.

Shardan, 24 years old, born 10th August 1988. Goes by the nickname of Star. Living in New South Wales, Australia. Blue/green/grey eyes, pink/purple hair, stands at 5'6". Self-confessed Nerd. Likes to write, read, sing, draw, game and play bass. Currently writes Kakashi x Sakura fanfictions on ff.net, plans for many more in the future.

Loves her boyfriend, her cat, her friends, music, tomatoes, the colour purple, anything mango flavoured, pasta, sushi, thunderstorms, tigers, nachos, anime, lasagne, unusual hair colours, tattoos, prawns, romance, mountain dew, laughing. Dislikes discrimination of any kind, licorice, quiche, close-mindedness, obnoxious people, rudeness, sadness, cruelty, Justin Beiber.

Fandoms include; Naruto, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Doctor Who, Mass Effect, Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Bleach.
Favourite bands/musicians; Muse, Mindless Self Indulgence, System of a Down, Linkin Park, 2NE1, My Chemical Romance, Basshunter, Washington, Breaking Benjamin, Enya.

Loves to meet new people, share common interests. Non-judgemental and friendly, open-minded and bubbly. Friends are most certainly welcome. Simply comment on FO post and introduce yourself, will get back to you as soon as possible.

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